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sail washing

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sail washing

My 411 clipper's sails looked grubby and fat and Perhaps it's time to look on the net for advice for 10 year old sails! Powder Power washing hanging out to dry !!! what do I do old crinkly sails that look like grey sacks and feel like salt bags time to bring home and cleans anyway the lazy jacks bag is looking sorry for it's self and new sail will be ordered this Southampton boat show ! but lets clean the old saggy things we hang out to make us go ! ish first find a big thing to clean them in!How about the 3.4 mtr fibre glass dingy that I have never got round to finishing mmmmmm blue builders plastic sheet as a liner as the hull leaks like a sieve and what to use !!!! well bio wash liquid and and some oxy stuff and more fairy and lots of hot ish water and dingy full! Drop sails in and cool wash ! simples !!! poke with a stick then use your hands ! This is where I think !!! Perhaps I should have sent them to be launder anyway but No ! knackered old sails 10 years old need an experiment to last for 6 months more and ..... 4 days later I take them out of the Dingy and they look ......................... Poo ! dark crinkled and showing signs of age Her that is obeyed[sometimes]comments that they look better ! better than what! They are Poo! so to dry, said sails and the dry out and look ish better and my hands look clean too! Did it work ? well tons of salt in the bottom of the boat and the sails feel thinner look a bit cleaner and feel like sails again! So hard work ish £250 for a profesional wash to be told they are nackered as well seems like bad money spent. So perhaps my old sails will be hauled up the mast for a few more weeks then a shiny new set with no 10 year old technology and less salt! was it worth it? yes it made me buy a new pair and after the winter I have a spare set should the new ones fall apart! So new sails Hong Kong or Poole ? I think Poole ish perhaps or ....... do you know better ? perhaps hong ? but it was an interesting and the sails look and feel better but I have been naughty they have not been cleaned in three years of ownership! And I need SPEED !