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Running rigging replacement 36cc

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Running rigging replacement 36cc

I wish to replace the running rigging but are somewhat struggling to identify the right product.

Recently I purchased 100m of 12mm braid on braid,but to be honest found it too malleable - that is upon squeezing between the fingers there is considerable depression, with the outer sleeve really not tight enough. I would think that this soft rope would collapse under force and weight when running around sheaves. also the movement of the core within the sleeve is quite a lot!

So, rather than buy another load of second rate rope I ask whether any forum member might point me in the right direction around what I should look for.

The boat is equipped with an in mast main and I wish to replace the out haul and in haul halyards, as well as the main sail halyard, Genoa halyard and the spinnaker halyard,s.

What diameter is right as there is a vast contrast, in that there's 6mm for the topping lift, 12 mm for the main and Genoa halyards and 14 mm for the Spinnaker halyard and uphaul?

Some suggest Dyneema. Is this necessary? I quite like the softer feel.

Anyway, if any 36cc owner or anyone, come to that, who can help a novice sort the running rigging, I would be very grateful.

Going to change the mainsheet too.

Thanks in advance