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Installing a programmable voltage sensing relay

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Installing a programmable voltage sensing relay

We're busy preparing our BO 37 for cruising sunnier climes and (along with installing solar panels and a wind generator) we're also considering installing a programmable vsr into the refrigerator's power cable to cut the supply should a predetermined minimum house battery charge voltage be detected.

Can anyone help with advice or experience of this type of installation, and where I might be able purchase a suitable vsr either in the UK or Europe?

The vsr's on the market in the UK appear to be only for the split charging of batteries via the engine alternator application and don't seem to consider the installation of a vsr for a low voltage disconnection application.

An internet search has put me in contact with Intervolt in Australia who do market such a vsr (along with an installation diagram) but they do not presently have a supplier outlet in the UK.

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Russ Major