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Gas Tank size

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ron hudson
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Gas Tank size

I have just purchased a 2015 Oceanis 35 and at the moment she is not easily accessible. ( Im in New York and the boat is in Buffalo but planning for next year would be helped if somebody could answer a couple of questions.

1) the gas locker dimensions are given as Gas cylinder locker - starboard aft cockpit (25 cm x 27 cm x 40 cm /
10’’ x 11’’ x 15’’). The height of my current tank (10lbs) is 16.5 inches. Is there any wriggle room or do I have to go to a 5lb tank?
2) I have the weekender version and I know this sounds bad but I cant remember if a) there was cockpit locker and b) would it be big enough to store a small (4.5 hp) out board?
Many thanks