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Bene 343 yr 04 versus buying new

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Bene 343 yr 04 versus buying new

I have been looking to buy a secondhand bene 343 under 5 years old.
All the pre owned boats not only the 343's all seem overpriced when you compare against the cost of the equivlent new boat. e.g new 343 last of the productions £78k, versus pre owned under 5 years old at about £65/70k. Bearing in mind the new boat has £10k VAT and about £8k delivery /commissioning costs most of these overheads are efectively lost as soon as you sail the new boat away !!. The differential is small new against pre owned. Am i missing something here ? Why are the pre owned so dear in comparison to the brand spanking new ? I accept that its possible the pre owned might have a few extra goodines but thats all i can think of. I no boats are supposed to hold there value more so than say cars which depreciate rapidly. But i cant get my head round why with the boats there is such a small dif. Do you buy the under 5 yr old pre owned for £65/70k or dig a bit deeper, say £10k more and buy brand new. There must be some of you out there who trade in and buy new, so someone must have some idea's on this ? Any comments or experiences appreciated. Best Regards - the Bene's are fine boats. Barry