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Beneteau Antares 710 ignition/starter problem help

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Beneteau Antares 710 ignition/starter problem help


I’m having problems with my Beneteau Antares 710 yr1999 which I recently purchased. Starting or ignition switch is causing problems I think. I have removed starter motor cleaned and re-oiled all moving parts, checked wiring and batteries, fully charged.
9 times out of 10 the engine starts no problem then intermittently I get no response only a clicking sound from the ignition, like some sort of relay switch in the panel, the buzzer on the panel also sounds distressed. If I leave it for a while and return it could start with no problems. I need it to be reliable for long journeys, could it be a defective ignition switch? I had the starter motor checked over the last time I removed it and the mechanic said it was fine.

Any advice would be very much appreciated..

Model of panel and engine

‘Yanmar C-Type panel, engine model Yanmar 4LH-HTE’

Video showing problem with sound of panel...

Thanks in advance.