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Antares 710 trailer bunks weight distribution

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Antares 710 trailer bunks weight distribution


I recently got a new trailer for my Beneteau Antares 710 (y r2000). I'm not sure the setting of the trailer beds is correct, as all the load is taken on the beds and there are no centre rollers. Maybe I'm wrong but should some of the load be transferred to the centre rollers on cross members? The bed props seem to be skewed sideways as can be seen in video..

If I were to lower the beds on one side for anti-fouling there would be no support? as there are no centre rollers to carry the load of the boat.

To me I think the beds are more for lateral movement and forces, with some weight distribution. The bulk of the weight should be down through the center line of boat on to cross members on the chassis through rollers?

Observations and comments greatly appreciated...

Thanks in advance